Meet Me, Kestrel

My name is Kestrel. Yes, I’ll go ahead and admit it: the name of this site is a pun. Kestrels are birds, and birds fly, and I (hope to) travel. Moving on, this is my blog, the journal of my journeys. My first flight was to university when I moved from Houston to the University of Oklahoma, eight hours from the only home I’d ever known. This could seem frightening, at least to some, but birds are meant to fly, and I’d been preparing for this my whole life. Since then I’ve traveled through China and lived for a year in Kyoto, Japan. You, since you’re reading this, are invited to fly with me. You can see this world that we all share through my eyes. I am an International Studies major (with a concentration in Asian Studies) with a second major in Business Economics and a minor in Japanese. I am also involved in a fellowship called the Global Engagement Fellowship, which was meant to help me fly higher and see more. In fact, it is because of this fellowship that I originally began this blog. In this blog I try to keep a record of the journeys I’ve taken. Most of these journeys don’t even involve me going anywhere, and instead are journeys of mind and heart. I hope the words written here and the thoughts and fears recorded will help you in whatever journey you are currently on. I hope you enjoy these entries. Regardless, this is me, and this is the story of Kestrel’s Flights.

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  1. Mohammed says:

    take flight kestrel. Soar higher than the bald eagle the greatest bird in the universe. You know what, make it the giant eagles, I’m talking rescueing frodo from the lava fires of mount doom giant Eagles. Fly higher than those magnificent beings. Good luck to your future travels and learn as many languages as possible while you can. You will be like the woman James Bond. I can see it now “it’s St Clair, KES St. Clair”
    Fly always,
    Your winged supporter

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