62 Days

In 62 days I begin my first great flight. In 63 days, I will step out onto the soil of another country for the first time in my life. I’ve been planning this flight for so long, but now it’s so close. 62 days does not seem very long at all. These days could be the slowest of my life, but I doubt it. I expect them to fly by. I’ve always wanted to go to China, and I’m about to finally be there. A childhood dream will have become reality. I had many fantasies as a child, but few true dreams. This is one of them. Standing on top of the Great Wall; gazing upon the Forbidden City; actually seeing a giant panda; these are events that I always dreamed of but never expected to truly happen. In my mind, the chance of such a thing occurring was little better than the chance of walking through Lothlorien. And yet, 62 days. As I watch the clouds part and stretch out my wings, I can feel a spectacular wind at my back. Soon, very soon, I will let it carry me aloft and whisk me into the realm of my dreams. 62 days. 1,486 hours. 89,220 minutes. The day is coming. I’m ready.

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